Well…. What Now?

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Well…. anyone else already starting to get a little restless with the lack of sports games to watch and enjoy. Yeah, me too.  It has only about 3 days since the PGA tour decided they were the last US-run “league” to close its doors for the fear of COVID-19.  Liga MX has decided that today would be their last day. The XFL has just about given up on their season. What a lovely week to make the decision that this blog was going to be resurrected from the grave in order to fill some time while the NCAA tournament was in full swing and my fiance had to work every weekend.

I guess now would be the best time to bring up some ideas I have for my next set of blogs and this time stick to it.  It is not mentally feasible for me to write a blog everyday and while that would be the ultimate goal and dream of mine, this adventure has to start somewhere. My goal is to bring at least two blogs a week for the next 6 months while in the process of planning a wedding and figuring out what the next phase of my life is going to be. I have, many times, begun this blog and stopped abruptly due to poor excuses and lack of motivation from my end.  That ends now.  It is not fair for and reader to begin to follow a path then have it abruptly end like the final episode of The Sopranos. (No, this is not a spoiler alert. If you didn’t already know, that’s your fault.)  I have some ideas in mind on a broad range of subjects from football to soccer and many things in between. I have a wide variety of enjoyments when it comes to sporting events and I would like my opinions and views to be seen and debated.

I would also like to take this opportunity to invite anyone with any ideas to bring them forward and give some ideas for a long form blog that I would like to work and present about once a week.  I know I am one of those individuals who enjoys reading more than just a headline and a couple of facts mixed in with buzz words and half-hearted opinions.  The more passionate someone is about a subject, the more that can be seen in writing.  I also understand the limitations of what I am proposing so if anyone has a story or a moment that they would like to read about and think it would be interesting for others to gain some knowledge of. Please feel free to leave those in the comments.

I feel that I have not given everything I can to this and I want to make amends for that. It is time for me to take my passion and express it to the world, whether it is liked or not. I hope you will give this blog another opportunity in the future. Thank you to those who have read my posts from the beginning. Things will be changing.

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