NFL Division Prediction Series: NFC West

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The second division we are going to be discussing in the NFC is the NFC West.  A couple of years ago, this was one of the most exciting divisions in football, but now it has fallen on some hard times.  One team has risen to the top while others have started to falter. Lets see what will happen this year.

Winner of Division
LA Rams

Jared GoffJared Goff by Praveer Sharma licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

Has anyone had a more exciting offseason than the LA Rams? Adding Ndamukong Suh, Aquib Talib, and Brandon Cooks were some massive acquisitions for any team to make.  Add that to the fact that they already have Todd Gurley and Aaron Donald, the Rams might have the most talented roster in the NFL.  They are young, fast, strong, and any other positive trait you could use in the English dictionary.  My only concern with this squad is having all of the strong personalities mesh and if they can handle diversity if times get tough, but I feel horrible for any team that has to go up against this stacked lineup of talent.

2nd Place
Seattle Seahawks

russell wilsonPete Carroll, Russell Wilson by Keith Allison licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

Seattle still might be a one man team, but that one man can carry some serious weight on his back.  The legion of boom is no more, the offensive line is still terrible, the receiving core is ok, and the running back core has a lot of bodies with the same skill set.  Why in the world would I put this team second in the NFC West? Well first, Russell Wilson will carry this team to at least 7 or 8 wins this year.  Second, the other two teams in the division have either less talent, or less questions at quarterback.  Seattle is a bit of a default pick, but they can go 8-8 thanks to just Wilson.

3rd Place
San Francisco 49ers

San FranciscoDSC_1128 by Daniel Hartwig licensed under CC BY 2.0

I really believe Jimmy G is special.  I do not believe that he can make the lack of talent in San Fran go as far as he did last year.  The 49ers have a decimated roster ever since Jim Harbaugh was let go in 2016, whether it was due to retirement or free agency.  They are still going to need a couple of years of draft picks and free agency gems to get back into the conversation of real Super Bowl contenders, but they have a great start with an elite franchise QB.

Last Place
Arizona Cardinals

Larry FitzyPhoto: Greg Buch |

I feel like this team has struggled to find a defined starting quarterback since Kurt Warner.  Now that could just be me, but Arizona has tried everything from draft picks to free agents to try and find a quality one.  Josh Rosen was seen by many experts as the most NFL ready coming out of college and he will get some early playing time if Sam Bradford’s history holds true.  David Johnson is an amazing talent, but I do not think he has enough to carry this team out of the basement of the NFC West.


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