NFL Draft 1.0 1-10

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So we have Mel Kiper 5.0 and Todd McShay Grade-A draft. I know we are short on sports subjects when it comes to Tuesdays and Wednesdays, but with 15 days to go till the draft, this is where it gets down to the nitty-gritty. Here is my projection for the NFL Draft picks 1-10

Cleveland Browns
Sam Darnold- QB USC

With all of the hype surrounding this QB draft class, Sam Darnold might be the Quarterback with the biggest upside. Yes he does have turnover issues and yes he does attempt to make plays instead of letting the game come to him, but with all of the talent Cleveland has managed to obtain this offseason, the only thing they are missing is a franchise QB. Darnold might be asked to start right away, so there could be some growing pains in this process, but the Browns need to be like the Bears last year and stay the course with this one.

New York Giants
Josh Rosen- QB UCLA

I’m gonna continue the run on Los Angeles quarterbacks here with Josh Rosen. He seems to be the most NFL ready right now, even though the Giants already have Eli Manning in place. A year behind a 2 time Super Bowl Champion could only improve this rookie in the coming years. The Giants need the QB of the future to prevent the same situation the other New York team is in.

New York Jets
Josh Allen- QB Wyoming

Why not just let all the quarterbacks go in the first three picks of this draft. Josh Allen might not be the Jets top choice in this draft, but they have Teddy Bridgewater on a one year deal. The other quarterbacks behind him are awful. Allen has all the size components and a big arm, but coming from the Mountain West conference could require a learning year for the young man from Laramie.

Cleveland Browns
Saquon Barkley- RB Penn State

Could the Cleveland Browns have any better luck with this pick. Saquon Barkley is, by far, the most talented player in the entire draft and the Cleveland Browns will be the AFC North Champions next year. Ok, i’ll slow down a little bit. Darnold and Barkley will be the players of the future for this franchise, though, and Cleveland might not be the laughing-stock of the NFL much longer.

Denver Broncos
Baker Mayfield- QB Oklahoma

Call me crazy, call me impractical, call me whatever you like, but 4 quarterbacks have a legitimate opportunity to go in the first 5 picks since the Broncos have failed on their last couple of QB selections. Paxton Lynch is a bust, and Case Keenum had one good season in Minnesota. The former Heisman Trophy Winner should not be counted out as the starter week 1, but he could use some time on the bench to get acclimated to the speed of the NFL. He has all of the passion and drive to be great, but lets see if his size hurts him.

Indianapolis Colts
Quenton Nelson- G Notre Dame

What is the one thing Andrew Luck has never had as a starter in the league? Any sort of offensive line. Quenton Nelson is an immediate plug and play guy to help Luck whenever he decides to return. The Colts could also go defensive line here, but if I was Chris Ballard, find protection for the franchise.

Tampa Bay Bucs
Bradley Chubb- DE NC State

Bradley Chubb might not have been on the best of teams at NC State, but don’t let that fool how talented this player is. He can play with his hand in the dirt in a 4-3 or be a pass rushing linebacker in a 3-4. He also has surprising cover skills against tight ends. In my opinion, he is the second or third best player in this entire draft, so falling to 7 would be an absolute treat for the Bucs.

Chicago Bears
Tremaine Edwards- LB Virgina Tech

Edwards has some great potential to be a huge part of this Chicago defense right away. He is athletic enough to keep up with tight ends and a sure tackler out in space. He might not be a trendy name, but this guy could be a stalwart for an improving Chicago defense.

San Francisco 49ers
Denzel Ward- CB Ohio State

The 49ers have fallen on hard times lately, but a mid-season trade for Jimmy G could make the biggest difference in the team’s success over the next few years. That being said, there is a lot of room for improvement on this team starting with the back-end of the defense. Ward is a great cover corner and an immediate starter at either corner position.

Oakland Raiders
Minkah Fitzpartick- S/CB Alabama

Yes it took a while to get an Alabama player off the board, but if I was John Gruden, I would jump up and down to draft this guy. He is a 2-time National Champion for the Crimson Tide and one of the three best players in this drat class. He has all the skills to play any position on a defense (take out DT). Oakland needs help on defense when facing the Chiefs slew of talent and Philip Rivers twice a year, and nothing is better for that than a ball-hawking defender.

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