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Another year, another Wrestlemania in the books. Yes I know, this is not considered a sport to most of my readers, but it is one of the better single events throughout the year. With some great matches on this card, let’s do a quick rundown of all the matches and analysis.

WWE Pre-show

Andre The Giant Battle Royal
Winner- Matt Hardy

A bit of a surprise to start off the night here. Normally this spot is reserved for an up-and-coming superstar that needs a big push. I mean you could say Matt Hardy needed a push since returning one year prior, but this could have been someone different and have the feeling of a true young superstar getting a push he deserves. I am a big Hardy fan but this was not the right decision.

Cruiserweight Title Match
Winner- Cedric Alexander

This match had some great high-flying spots as all cruiserweight matches should have. I am not a huge fan of 205 live but this was a great showcase having two faces square off. These might be the two most athletic individuals in the WWE and they showed every bit of why.

Womens Battle Royal
Winner- Naomi

With all of the NXT call-ups in this match, it seemed a little dysfunctional for a majority of it. Many of the NXT were allowed to show some of their skill, but once again it came down to Bayley and Sasha as the final two, or so they thought. Bayley fakes a handshake and throws Sasha over the top thinking that she had one, but Naomi rolls back into the ring after not being eliminated and tosses Bayley over the top rope. Some relatively good story-telling but no more than that in the final pre-show event before the main card starts.

Main Card

Intercontinental Championship Match
Winner- Seth Rollins

Zero complaints about starting off with this contest. Two of the more athletic individuals in Seth Rollins and Finn Balor threatened to steal this match, but the design of the match kept The Miz relevant in all aspects. From beginning to end, there was constant action happening all around the ring, with the final sequence putting the exclamation point on an overall extremely intense contest. A coup de gras followed by two curb stomps could not have given a more impactful ending. Congrats on Seth’s grand slam achievement.

Smackdown Women’s Championship
Winner- Charlotte Flair

This was undoubtedly the match of the night. The Queen vs. The Streak. Could this have been too hyped? The easy answer is HELL NO. Charlotte might be the best female performer of all time and Asuka might be the best female personality in the world right now. What we got out of this match was an instant classic. These women went so far as to do a Spanish fly, which is unheard of for women’s wrestling. So many false finishes and submission attempts led to a heart racing matchup. Charlotte eventually prevailed with the Figure-8 forcing Asuka to tap out. Trust me ladies and gentlemen, this rivalry is just beginning.

U.S Championship
Winner- Jinder Mahal

I have very little to say about this match, except for the fact that WWE missed a golden opportunity to put a belt on one of the most over superstars in the company Rusev. Having him take the pin was only the second worst decision in this whole plan. I guess WWE does need a true heel champion (Spoiler Alert) but not putting the belt on Rusev and making him eat the pin fall seems like an absolutely horrific decision.

Olympic vs. Corporate
Winners- Ronda Rousey and Kurt Angle

I am not going to lie, this match on paper seemed to be the one that would put an absolute stop to any momentum Mania had, but this match brought the house down. Rousey looked 1000 times better than anyone could have ever predicted. Stephanie played the heel role so well, it was tough to believe she only wrestles about once every three years. HHH carried a bulk of the match, but Ronda Rousey was the MVP.

Smackdown Tag Team Championship
Winner- Bludgeon Brothers

The only critique I have with this match is it needed a little bit more time to develop. Yes the Usos and New Day did their best to keep Harper and Rowan down, but overall this was more of a squash match than it was a competitive contest. The push for the Bludgeon Brothers is heavy, but the other tag teams did not even look like competition for these two monsters.

The Icon vs. The Face
Winner- Undertaker

Speaking of squash matches, the return and walk-down of the Undertaker took longer than the actual match. Cena wanted the Dead Man and he got as much vintage Taker as he could have ever wanted. Old School, Choke Slam, Tombstone, Tongue Out, walk back. This felt like a Brock Lesnar match, but it was exactly what was needed in the middle of this 6 hour program. Everyone wanted to see Undertaker come out and go out on top.

Management vs. Careers
Winners- Daniel Bryan and Shane McMahon

Very few things are more exciting than seeing the return of one of the most over wrestlers to grace a WWE ring and Daniel Bryan brought every bit of that intensity he used during his first run with the company. He showed no signs of having ring-rust after almost 2 years away from action. Shane took the brunt of the beating early on in the contest leaving Bryan to come in and save the day. Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens put on a spirited performance, and now they will be looking at RAW as an alternative solution to Smackdown.

Raw Womens Championship
Winner- Nia Jax

This match had a lot more to do with story-telling then it did action in the ring. With all of the fat-shaming Alexa Bliss had done leading up to this match, it was pretty clear Nia Jax would come up victorious. Nia showed her power over the champion and finished her off with a Samoan Drop off the middle rope to put on stamp on the beginning of her Championship reign. It was only a matter of time before she won the big one, but to have it happen on the biggest stage in sports entertainment was a great play by the WWE

WWE Championship
Winner- AJ Styles

Let me start by saying nothing AJ does in the ring has or will ever disappoint me. In saying this, this “dream match” could have been much better with more time and more build up. Styles reversed a Kinshasa into a Styles Clash to finish off Shinsuke, but it was what happened after the match that left everyone in awe. Nakamura low-blows Styles and proceeds to beat him silly. With Shinsuke the newest heel on the Smackdown roster, I feel that the rivalry has just begun

Raw Tag Team Championship
Winners- Braun Strowman and Nicholas

After the WWE Championship match, the writers assumed that the crowd would need a light-hearted fun contest to slow down the heart rates. Well with that match being somewhat of a disappointment, this seemed to somewhat derail anything going into the final half an hour of the show. When Braun Strowman went out into the crowd and picked out a 10-year-old (hint why no one would recognize that name) to be his tag team partner, everyone knew what was going to happen. Strowman destroyed the Bar and now the three most recent tag team champions are the Hardy Boyz, The Bar, and Strowman and Nicholas. One of these teams doesn’t fit here.

Universal Championship
WInner- Brock Lesnar

Well, now we know the answer of whether Brock is staying in the WWE. It was hard to pick Lesnar to win this match with the unknown hanging over his head, but the performance both him and Reigns put was mesmerizing. Reigns getting absolutely pummeled from the opening bell made this seem like a Reigns comeback for sure. Reigns kicked out of not 1-2-3-4 but 5 F5’s before Brock cut him open the hard way. With blood pouring down his face, Reigns hit back to back spears before being countered with the 6th F5 that finally ended Reign’s night. Brock is here for at least another year.


Overall this card was stacked from top to bottom. There were some interesting moments in the middle and some unexpected surprises throughout the night but overall it was a good show. Not great, but good.

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