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Apologies for the long absence. I contracted COVID 19 and had a problem with my apartment getting flooded from above, but we are back to live blog UFC 260 Miocic vs Ngannou. Same as the last ones, I write each bit round by round and give my predictions for each round. Sit back, relax and enjoy.

Jamie Mullarkey vs Khama Worthy

Round 1:

This card beings with Mullarkey coming out swinging early pushing the action. Mullarkey lands a major right hand that puts Worthy directly on his face. The ref comes in quickly after and Mullarkey makes quick work in his first UFC win. What a right hand! Could be a knockout of night bonus right there. What a way to start this card.

Winner: Mullarkey- KO

Gillian Robertson vs Miranda Maverick

Round 1:

This fight opens with both ladies attempting to find some range. Both ladies landing some good strikes early. Robertson is controlling the center of the cage, but Maverick is showing much more quantity in strikes. Maverick is landing some good shots early and has taken control of the center of the cage. Both ladies have a ton of output, but Maverick seems to be landing cleaner strikes early. The fist takedown actually comes from Maverick catching a kick and takes top position. Robertson does not spend much time on the ground and brings it back to the feet. Another shot by Maverick sees Robertson end the round on her back. Maverick controlled a majority of the round and takes a clear win. 10-9 Maverick

Round 2:

As the second round opens, Maverick continues to put out a crazy quantity of strikes and kicks. Robertson ducks a punch and takes the back of Maverick. Maverick works her way into side control making Maverick uncomfortable for the first time in this fight. Maverick attempts to work her way out, but Robertson keeps the pressure and stays connected to Maverick. Robertson tries an elbow to escape, but Robertson continues to change positions perfectly. Not a ton of damage done, but a ton of energy used by Maverick. Maverick finally works her way out of Robertson’s clutches and lands some big strikes to end the round. Robertson spent most of the round in control and ties this fight up on my card. Maverick needs to avoid being taken down again, or this fight could slip away. 19-19 tie

Round 3:

The third round sees Maverick looking to land some big shots early and Robertson takes a shot to slow the pressure. Maverick takes Robertson to the ground and begins putting more punches to Robertson’s face. Maverick has done a great job staying in position and not giving up space to a great grappler. Robertson manages to find some room and attempts to take the back, but gets stuffed and sees Maverick back on top. Both women stand up and Robertson’s face is showing the battle both ladies have been in. Maverick takes Robertson down one more time and ends the round on top. Maverick might have looked a little less confident on the ground, but she pressured Robertson to where by the third round, she had nothing left. Maverick has a long future ahead of her and this was a great start. 29-28 Maverick

Winner: Miranda Maverick -UD

Sean O’Malley vs Thomas Almeida

Round 1:

Round one begins with Sean throwing multiple leg kicks showing that his foot seems to be pretty close to 100%. O’Malley fainting shots is putting Almeida on the back foot early. Almeida lands a big right hand and Sean is taking notice of Almeida’s power. O’Malley is controlling this fight. O’Malley hits him with a huge kick and punch that looked to end the fight, but Almeida gets back up before the ref has a chance to stop the fight. O’Malley walked away thinking it was over and Almeida seems to have hit wits back about him. O’Malley continues to look for a head kick to end it. The ref could have stopped the fight after the kick, but wins round 1 convincingly. We will see if the walk off costs Suga Sean 10-9 O’Malley

Round 2:

Round two begins with Sean continuing to keep his distance from Almeida with low and high kicks. Almeida is taking his chances by snapping low kicks with one taking Sean to the mat. Both guys are continuing to keep their distance. O’Malley lands some big punches to the head, but Almeida keeps in this fight. Almeida cannot seems to find a good distance on the much taller fighter. Almeida continues to try to get in the pocket, but Sean’s footwork is perfect to this point. O’Malley lands some more big shots to the face of Almeida, but Almeida continues to come forward. O’Malley ends up on his back to finish round two, but O’Malley has dominated ring control, strikes and significant strikes. 20-18 O’Malley

Round 3:

Round three, which I am surprised that we are seeing after the punishment Almeida has taken so far, begins the same way the last two have started. Low kicks by O’Malley have been the story so far, and Almeida is starting to show the effects. The length of O’Malley has caused problems from the opening bell and Sean’s cardio has not fallen off at all. O’Malley lands more big strikes to the head. NO one can deny the toughness of Almeida. O’Malley has worn out the face of Almeida and Almeida just cannot get any offense going. One big right hand directly to the jaw puts Almeida on the canvas. The ref does not call the fight again and O’Malley gets one last big punch on the ground. That ref should not have let that happen, but don’t let that take away from how dominant Suga Sean looked.

Winner: O’Malley- KO

Tyron Woodley vs Vicente Luque

Round 1:

Round one begins with Woodley attempting a takedown but gets stuffed. Both guys continues to switch position and finally break off the cage. Woodley is taking major swings to try and stun Luque, but Vicente gets them right back in the clinch. Woodley and Luque trading knees and punches. Luque takes a bigshot but Luque returns with a huge shot. Tyron’s legs are wobbled and Luque locks Woodley in a d’arce choke. Luque squeezes the choke and forces a tap from Woodley. Both men going for huge swings and Luque landed the final and most effective. Woodley almost went out in that choke. Luque made a major statement in this fight and Woodley looks like a shell of his old self. Insane fight, big swings, amazing finish. Big challenge for KO of the night with Mullarkey.

Winner Luque- Submission

Stipe Miocic vs Francis Ngannou

This card has delivered much more tan expected. Lets see if the main event lives up to the hype the rest of the card has provided.

Round 1:

Round one sees two very patient and cautious fighters with neither trying to give up ground early. Stipe looks light on his feet early. Ngannou’s first clean shot does not even phase Miocic. Stipe goes for the takedown early, but Ngannou sprawls early. Ngannou lands some big shots early while holding onto Stipe’s back, but Miocic survives that onslaught as well. Stipe cannot take many more shots like that. Ngannou has been patient so far. Stipe is keeping a good distance from the powerful hands, but is taking a few kicks to the lead leg. Stipe survived the opening onslaught, but is going to need to more going forward to get back into this fight. 10-9 Ngannou.

Round 2:

Round two starts with Ngannou looking for a big shot early. Stipe is starting to find some range on his punches. Ngannou hits Stipe with a massive right hand stunning him. Ngannou ran him down and Stipe took multiple shots against the cage. Stipe tried to get off one more shot, but one last right hook folded Miocic over his leg. One more hammer fist and Herb Dean stops the fight. Your new UFC Heavyweight Champion is a guy who could hold this title for the next 5 years.

WInner: Ngannou- KO

After this win, who is going to challenge Francis Ngannou. I dont think John Jones has seen anything close to this power. If Ngannou continues to train and keep the hunger that he has now, there will be no stopping him from any current heavyweight in the division.

Thank you for the read. If you like what you see, follow me on Twitter @yaboytosports. What an amazing card overall. Hope you enjoyed.

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