The Good, The Bag, and The Ugly: This past week in sports

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The Good: Tom Brady

I mean this just isn’t fair is it? Tom Brady does nothing but play in Super Bowls. All he does is win playoff games. All he does is make everyone feel foolish about doubting him. The man just just refuses to lose. The Buccaneers beat the Packers 31-26 in Green Bay this past Sunday against the biggest odds they have had this year. In a cold, windy Lambeau field, Brady was 20/36 for 280 yards and three touchdowns on a day that was a tale of two halves but was ultimately an insurmountable lead in the end. Brady’s third touchdown pass proved that he is still one of the best in the NFL and one of the best to ever do it. I might not be a Brady fan personally, but we should really cherish this moment seeing a quarterback playing in his 10th Super Bowl. This is history in the making and we may never see anything like this ever again.

The Bad: Tennessee Football

I feel like plane landed in Knoxville with every college coach in the country to come recruit every Tennessee player they could find. According to All for Tennessee, the Vols have lost and can lose up to 22 players with 15 of them already committed to other schools. Losing guys like former 5 stars Wanya Morris and Henry To’o To’o (What a great name) is going to really have new head coach Josh Heupel searching far and wide in the portal and on the recruiting trail to build back a talent pool and compete in the SEC East. No doubt this will be one of the more difficult rebuilds in college football this season. If the fan base and the boosters are patient, the 6 years Heupel might have could help calm the distrust between the chancellor and the head football coach. Run it clean, go 3-9, 4-8, 6-6, then start competing with your guys. Please give him some time Knoxville. It might hurt now, but you will be better for it.

The Ugly: The Houston Texans

I mean I just….. I can’t with this team man. I lived in Houston for 3 years and really fell in love with this franchise and the players. It still has that new feel on it with a brand new franchise quarterback and this team was ready to compete for an AFC title. Today, we are looking at a fired coach who might be the worst GM in NFL history, a new GM who might be the most uninventive coach in NFL history, and a quarterback that has reportedly requested a trade. WTF…………………………………. Anyway, David Culley has said Deshaun Watson will be a Texan next year. All evidence points to the contrary. Jack Easterby, Cal McNair, and Culley are going to have to figure out what the next phase for this franchise is. JJ Watt may have played his last game. Will Fuller wont be back. 4-12 might be a phenomenal season next year. They need to get a true kings ransom to make their actions leading to this point worth it.

The Good: UCONN womens basketball shirts with Gigi Letter.

If you have not seen these yet, go google them and come back. Ill wait…………… Ok glad you did aren’t you. OK for those of you that might not know the story yet. Gigi Bryant, the daughter of NBA Legend Kobe Bryant, wrote a letter to the Huskies when they lost in the Final Four in 2017 and became the inspiration for these shirts as a tribute to her and her father killed tragically in a helicopter accident one year ago. If these shirts dont give you chills then i dont know what will.

The Bad: University of Michigan

Now this one isn’t really anyone’s fault in particular, but it is bad for the teams in the middle of a conference and/or preseason schedule. For those unaware, the mutated form of COVID-19 (B.1.1.7) was detected on campus in the athletic department. The Wolverines were forced to close all athletic activities for the next 10 days. You just gotta feel for these athletes. They all worked extremely hard to stay working and playing games all through the 2 weeks after the Christmas holiday and come back to something so unlikely and equally as terrifying of a virus. I hope all of the athletes, coaches, staff, and interns stay healthy. I have a cousin in college athletics and I worry about things such as this that could happen from anywhere. Thoughts and prayers for Ann Arbor and all students, faculty and staff on all college campuses everywhere.

The Ugly: Chad Wheeler.

I have no desire to give this story anymore of the light of day other than the fact if the allegations are true, that this man gets some help as soon as possible. I do not know much about him prior to this story coming out and I am not sure if this is a one off or if there is any history of this, but this is so beyond disturbing to read. If you don’t know the story just google it, but I hope justice is served in this case.

The Final Good: Ron Rivera

Love or hate the Washington Football Team, but there is no coach you wanna cheer more than Ron Rivera. This man was going through cancer treatment while getting acclimated to a move from the Carolina Panthers the year prior, Coach a team to a playoff birth, and this week get declared cancer free. I mean if this man told me I could do anything then told me to run through a brick wall, I guarantee you I would think I could do it. I would fail miserably, but the guys on the field playing football for him took a team that was 3-13 last year to 7-9. This team had 3 starting quarterbacks throughout the season, and have a pretty major crisis in the ownership box, but you would have been fooled by their play on the field this season. Every last part of me is rooting for Ron to stay healthy as long as he feels like coaching. The NFL needs more guys like him.

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