The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly from the Heisman Ceremony: Devonta Smith Finally Breaks the Mold

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Well well well, if you have any doubt that this might be the craziest season college football has ever experienced, you would be correct. The fact that the Heisman voters actually voted for a wide receiver when the other three finalist were all quarterbacks, including his own, is mind blowing . Here is my good, bad and ugly from the Heisman Trophy ceremony. Yes, there will be multiple goods to go with the bad and the ugly.

The Good- Devonta Smith winning and the entire town came out to celebrate.

When a player has 98 receptions for over 1500 yards and 17 touchdowns in the regular season, some may think this is a guy in an air raid offense with a decent quarterback and a team with a 7-5 or 8-4 record. These are numbers that used to be seen with teams like Hawaii and Washington State, but not the consensus number one team in the nation. Devonta Smith is a different kind of special, but this season was almost not possible. Lets take the big red mark off of his Heisman campaign. No, he would not have put up these numbers if Jaelyn Waddle had not gotten injured. No, he would not have had the recognition he received if Alabama was not as good as they were. A lot of things went right for Smith to reach the summit of college football this season, but do not let that take away from the incredible season he had. What might have been more incredible than that was the love and support he received from his hometown in Amite, Alabama. Approximately 125 people got together to show love to the pride of their hometown. It was special in about everyway you could think of.

The Bad- Nick Saban in full coaching form during the ceremony.

If there is one thing being the greatest college football coach of all time can afford you, its the ability to show up business casual to a coat and tie party. But we cannot let go of the fact that Saban had plenty of time to run over to his office and grab out a shirt, tie and jacket. He has to have one just lying around that multi-million dollar football palace in Tuscaloosa. He could have worn jeans with it for all it mattered, but come on Nick. Act like you been there. You have been there.

The Good- Mac Jones draft stock rising.

DId anyone know how good Mac Jones was at throwing the deep ball before those mind-boggling numbers showed up. Averaging 25.4 yards per completion on throws more than 20 yards down the field with 14 of those turning into touchdowns is just astounding. Now, it makes it easier when throwing to guys like Smith, Waddle, John Metchie, and running back Najee Harris, but he put those throws in great position for his wideouts to keep stride and make those plays. He could become a baby-faced assassin at the next level if given the right opportunity and time to develop.

The Bad – Trevor Lawrence Finishing Second in Front of Both Jones and Kyle Trask

Lets not go crazy, no one is going to remember who finished second in 10 years, but there is no reason the Trevor Lawrence should have finished second this year. Lets just go the numbers.

QuarterbackPassing YardsTouchdownsInterceptionsCompletion %Rushing Yards
Mac Jones4,036364773
Kyle Trask4,2834386950
Trevor Lawrence3,15324569203

Could just be me, but there is one that is nothing like the other here. Yes Lawrence did have 8 rushing touchdowns and he did miss 2 games due to Covid, but it should not hinder the other candidates that played all of their games and put up video game numbers this season. Lawrence has been the toast of college football for the last three years and will be the number one pick overall in the 2021 draft, but this particular vote felt like more of a career vote more than a season vote.

The Good- Devonta Smiths Speech.

A guy that came in at 6’1″ and around 160 lbs winning a Heisman 3 years later might seem a bit far fetched, but Smith proved that size does not matter. He also ended his speech saying the same sentiment. Devonta seems like a player who when he speaks people listen, and when he acts others follow. Well-spoken and polite to boot, Smith is the epitome of someone that every dad should hope their son grows up to be, and someone a daughter would be proud to bring home to meet the family. Not everyone is going to be a five star wideout with their pick of whatever college they wanna go to then go on to win the biggest trophy in college football, but if you were not inspired by what Devonta Smith said then something is not right with you.

The Ugly- Mac Jones Parents not Getting Interviewed.

It seemed a bit odd that ESPN would take the time to set up interviews with Trask’s, Lawrence’s and Smith’s family, but not include at least a couple words from the Jones household. It was nice that all of his immediate family was able to attend, but I was curious to hear what father Jones had to say as well as his siblings being the trailblazers for Mac’s career. It seemed as though they were all set up and ready to go but were never asked anything. If that was the plan then it went off without a hitch, but some words from his parents would have been a nice touch since everyone else received some loving words from their family.

The Final Good- Everything Going as Smoothly as Possible.

There is no telling how many hours and personnel were put to the task of making this award ceremony run as well as it did. So many individuals deserve a lot of credit for making all of this happen, including getting as many of the former winners on as possible. I find it hard to believe there was a trophy at each location since the winner had been decided weeks ago, but it appeared to be an overall great experience for the individuals involved and for someone like me sitting on the couch watching it all play out.

Congratulations to Devonta Smith and all of the finalists this year. Having a season was impressive enough, but for these gentlemen to put up the numbers they were able to.

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