NFL Picks Week 8

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Here are my picks for week 8 in the NFL season

Seahawks vs Falcons

Russell Wilson is going to carve up the awful Falcons secondary.  Falcons offense can’t seem to get the ball rolling. Seahawks should win this game comfortably.

Winner: Seahawks

Chargers vs Bears

Bears seem to still have the same quarterback issues whether it is Mitchell Turbisky or Chase Daniel under center.  Chargers have not looked great, but Phillip Rivers and Melvin Gordon should be enough to get passed the underachieving Bears.

Winner: Chargers

Giants vs Lions

Daniel Jones has looked better and better every week this season, and with the return of Saquon Barkley makes this game a very interesting contest.  Detroit has been playing well as of late even though their record doesn’t show it.  Detroit takes this one in a close contest

Winner: Detroit

Jets vs Jaguars

Sam Darnold looked like a shell of a starting quarterback against the Patriots defense Monday night.  Jacksonville may be in a bit of a rebuilding mode as of right now, but I believe they have enough to get passed a struggling Jets offense.

Winner: Jacksonville

Bengals vs Rams

Is there really any need for a write up for this game?  Cincinnati is in tank mode and Los Angeles will use this game to get back on track.

Winner: Rams

Bucs vs Titans

Tennessee seems to have given up on the Marcus Mariota as their starter.  Jameis Winston has not looked the best in the world, but Tampa Bay has more weapons on offense than Tennessee does. This game will be close but I see Tampa winning by a field goal.

Winner: Bucs

Eagles vs Bills

The Bills might be the surprise team in the NFL this year, with their only loss coming against New England this year.  Philidelphia seems unsettled on offense and unsure in the secondary.  Another good game to watch, but I see Buffalo pulling out a close win at home.

Winner: Bills

Broncos vs Colts

Joe Flacco is not the answer at quarterback and, according the coaching staff in Denver, neither is Drew Locke.  I do not believe Indy is as good as their record says they are, but they should have no problem stopping the Broncos offense and winning this game fairly comfortably.

Winner: Broncos

Cardinals vs Saints

Kyler Murray is looking better and better every single week, but they are facing a top 5 defense in the NFL this week.  New Orleans has still not named the starting quarterback for this week but whether it is Drew Brees or Teddy Bridgewater, New Orleans will have the advantage on both sides of the ball.

Winner: Saints

Panthers vs 49ers

Carolina might be the toughest team call in the NFL.  Some weeks they look great and others they look like they should be a 2-4 team rather than a 4-2 team.  Riding Christian McCaffery through the majority of their games, the Panthers will be facing the best defensive line in the NFL.  San Francisco wins this game, but it will be their toughest test of the season.

Winner: 49ers

Raiders vs Texans

The Texans have looked shaky over the past couple of weeks, but they get a favorable matchup against the Raiders.  Oakland just traded Gaeron Conley, which should give the Texans receivers a little more room to breathe.  Houston needs a win this week to keep pace with the Colts and I believe they will get it this week.

Winner: Texans

Browns vs Patriots

The Browns have one of the most talented offenses in the NFL, but they have not been able to make all the pieces click yet.  Baker has not looked like the Baker from last year and the Patriots look decisive on both sides of the ball.  The Browns need to string some wins together, but it will not start against the Patriots this week

Winner: Patriots 

Packers vs Chiefs

This was going to be one of the games of the season before Patrick Mahomes got injured last game.  It did not stop Kansas City from beating a mediocre Broncos team, but competing with Aaron Rogers is a completely different challenge.  The Chiefs defense is bad and the way Aaron Rogers looked last week, he should have no problem carving them up.

Winner: Packers

Monday Night- Dolphins vs Steelers

It is sad to say, but this feels like the old Jacksonville vs Tennessee Thursday night fooball games that very few people wanted to watch.  The Steelers are bad but the Dolphins are worse.  Steelers should win this game unless Fitzpatrick turns into Fitzmagic. Can’t see it happening.

Winner: Steelers 

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