Where Should the Miami Dolphins go From Here?

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Miami DolphinsMiami Dolphins by Mark Morgan Licensed Under CC BY 2.0

The Miami Dolphins are bad.  I don’t think going to surprise anyone with that statement.  The difference is this team could be historically bad.  From the Josh Rosen experiment failing before it even had time to get rolling to sending all of their key assets to other franchises, the Dolphins have basically given up on this season as an organization.  So where should the Dolphins go after this season to resemble some sort of a respectable NFL franchise?

Draft a Franchise Quarterback

As I mentioned prior, the Josh Rosen experiment is all but over in Miami.  He was not given a great supporting cast to help him, but Ryan Fitzpatrick has seemingly grabbed the reigns for the starting job for the rest of this season.  Miami will likely have the number 1 or 2 pick this coming season which should give them the option of either going after Justin Herbert or Tua Tagovailoa.  Herbert looks of more of the part with the NFL size and frame of your  “typical” starting quarterback, but I believe Tua would be the better option for the Dolphins going forward.  He is more creative with the ball in his hand and he has shown he can make something out of nothing on any given play.  Whichever route the Dolphins choose, they are going to need a build some semblance of a supporting cast around the quarterback to give them any chance to succeed.

Improve the Offense with First Round Picks

Currently, Miami holds the projected 2nd, 10th, and 27th pick in this coming NFL draft and they need every single one of them.  We have already discussed what Miami should do with their first pick, and I believe they should stick with the trend of offensive help with the next 2 picks.  This class is a light on offensive tackle prospects and Andrew Thomas (Georgia) would be a bit of a stretch to land at 10.  Either Walker Little (Stanford) or Tristan Wirfs (Iowa) would help solidify the left side of that offensive line after the trade of Laremy Tunsil to Houston.  With their final first round selection, Miami should be looking at one of the deepest positions in this draft, wide receiver.  Henry Ruggs (Alabama) would be a logical replacement for Kenny Stills as they have similar traits, but I could also see them going with a guy like Tee Higgins (Clemson) who is a big bodied receiver who could be a huge red zone threat as soon as he steps on the field.  There are a ton of holes to fill on this team, but drafting these three players could play a key role in the future of this franchise.

Give Brian Flores Another Year

A team with this little talent cannot be completely blamed on the coaching staff.  Management has already given up on the season, but the coaching staff still has to be there every day attempting to win football games.  Trading away Tunsil, Stills and Minkah Fitzpatrick have left the Dolphins with very few pieces to build toward the future.  Brian Flores should keep his job for at least one more season due to the circumstances.

The Miami Dolphins have a ton of work to do over the next few years to be a competent team.  Getting rid of so many good building blocks is a strange move, but the Dolphins the true definition of “blow it up and start all over”. Dolphins fans get ready for a long and taxing next 4 years.


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