What the Redskins Need to do This Offseason

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It was a tale of 2 seasons for the Redskins. The first half looked like they were playing way over their heads for the offensive and defensive sides of the football. After the Alex Smith injury though, the season got away and Washington finished 3rd in the NFC East with a 7-9 record. 1-6 in the last 7 games certainly tanked their season, but let us see what caused that and what they need to do in the off season.

Getting Healthy

I am unsure if a team suffered more season-ending injuries than the Redskins. 29 players suffered some sort of injury, 14 suffered injuries that cost them at least half the season, and 5 did not a play a down in the regular season which included rookie running back Darius Guice.

Get Alex Smith Back Healthy

I have never seen a quarterback case like Alex Smith in the NFL. He has been a good, if not, great quarterback over the past decade but everywhere he has gone he has seen a replacement come in. It looked like he was going to secure this job until he suffered a gruesome leg injury. I dont know if he will be back in the 2019 season, but I hope he will be able to make a full recovery.

A True Number 1 Receiver

Josh Doctson, Jamison Crowder, Paul Richardson, and Michael Floyd are all productive receivers but not a true number 1 dominant receiver. When your second leading receiver is the back up running back, things need to be upgraded. Even with a 1000 yard back in, the ageless, Adrian Peterson, the team still finished 28th in total offense. Some of that could be due to the Smith injury, but only the Patriots have figured out how to win without a big, physical, number 1 receiver.

Rotation After Alex Smith

After the Alex Smith injury, Colt McCoy came in and played decently well. But after his injury, it was a rotation of Josh Johnson (I mean ok) and Mark Sanchez (just wow). No one expected them to have to rely on a third and fourth string quarterback, but a young back up would be much better than Sanchez and Johnson.

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