What the Giants Need to do This Offseason

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The Giants are the case of where do we begin to improve this team. They have an quarterback that has been bad for the past few years, an offensive line that couldn’t stop a division 2 college defensive line, a defense in the bottom third of the NFL in just about all statistical categories in the NFL, and 2 potential All-Pro players. Where do the Giants even begin this rebuild

A New Quarterback is Necessary

Love him or hate him, Eli Manning has 2 super bowl rings and has been an iron man for the Giants since 2004. He has not missed a game due to injury in his entire career. The man shows up on Sunday ready to play. That being said, I believe it is time for the final Manning in the trilogy to hang up his cleats and sail off into the sunset. He has had a wonderful 15 year career with some ups and downs, but overall his career will be seen as a success with 2 championships to his name.

Defensive Line Pressure Needs to Improve

The big secret to the Giants winning those two Super Bowls was a ferocious defensive line that gave offensive lines and Quarterbacks a fit for the entirety of the game. A defensive line that finishes 30th in the NFL in sacks does not strike that same fear. The leader in sacks for this team, Olivier Vernon, only recorded 7 sacks this year. The Giants need to find out if Mario Edwards is the answer at one defensive end spot and find a pairing for to get after the Quarterback immediately.

Squash the Drama with OBJ so it Doesn’t Become a Trend

This team has a man who could be the most talented receiver in the NFL. The Giants just gave him a contract that says that. They knew of the incident in Miami over the playoff week and they knew about the alleged “white powdery substance” incident and paid the man. Odell Beckham Jr. has had zero issues showing up on the field and performing on Sunday’s when he is healthy. He has made some of the most spectacular plays the NFL has seen since his time in the league. The Giants and OBJ need to really have a heart to heart meeting over some of the actions and comments made by the face of the franchise if this has not already happened. This organization does not want this same behavior to rub off on a guy like Saquon Barkely who is the Robbin to Beckham’s Batman in the scheme of the offense.

What the Giants Should do This Offseason

Drafting a successor to Eli should be priority 1, 2, 3, and 4 for the Giants this offseason. Dwayne Haskins seems to be the obvious choice here with his strong arm, accurate passing and great field awareness. Even if Eli goes 1 more year, the giants will have protection if he does go down or looks like an even bigger shell of what he once was. The only quarterback on the open market that may looking any bit appealing as an option could be Jameis Winston, but the bucs couldn’t make that work with 2 big-time receivers and Jameis has more baggage than even OBJ. Other than that, this is a defensive line heavy class, so finding pass rushing help would do this team some good. Secondary help could also intrigue the Giants with their leader in interceptions this past season being Alec Ogeltree. This Giants team is going to need a lot of help in the next couple of years, but there is a young core group of talent to help a fresh pair of eyes a quarterback succeed, even with the strength of this division.

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