Why Calvin Ridley will have Sanu on the Trading Block Soon

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I mentioned it in April that the pickup of Calvin Ridley to an already stacked offense like the Atlanta Falcons was going to be like feeding candy to a baby. Ridley was the best receiver coming out of college, even if the stats did not back them up. The kid is a stud and was the only real stallwort in an offense that had plenty of moving parts in every other position on the offensive side of the ball.

Week one for Ridley in the NFL was a bit rough not registering a catch versus the defending Super Bowl Champion Eagles. Last week, Ridley finds his was into the end zone in a huge division rival matchup against the Panthers. This week he backs up his performance with a three touchdown, 150 yard performance against the division champs from last year in the Saints. He is starting to tear up the NFC like most hoped he would at Alabama and seems to have really taken a foothold on the number 2 target for Matt Ryan. So what will happen to Mohammed Sanu?

In my opinion, Sanu should be put on the trade block to attempt to find either some offensive line help or some secondary help for the foreseeable future. I am a huge Sanu fan, but there is a time and a place where the team will need to need to look to cash in on the riches they have at receiver in order to upgrade a position of weakness (currently the offensive line and the secondary, both decimated by injuries.) There is little doubt Sanu will be good if not great on a lot of teams in the NFL and would be a big piece to the success of the Falcon offense, but the emergence of Calvin Ridley and the need at multiple other positions, a splash might need to be made to bring in talent for Sanu and give Ridley an opportunity on the opposite side of Jones for the rest of the season.

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