Get Lavar Ball Off TV

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Ok I am about to admit something I wouldn’t normally admit.  As I’m watching WWE Monday Night RAW (Yes I can hear the judging from here), I see that the Ball family is going to be on a makeshift talk show called Miz TV during a segment.  Now I know the WWE loves to have celebrities on to promote the fact that they are a sports entertainment company, which I am completely ok with.  I also know that Lavar Ball is enjoying his 45 minutes of fame while his son is doing all of the heavy lifting. Why must you steal my guilty pleasure and ruin it with Lavar mumbling and stumbling around the ring with his shirt off? Why does every single television outlet shove a camera in his face? The answer, he is polarizing.

We have never seen a father like this in any sport ever.  John Elway’s father helped convince him that the Indianapolis Colts were not the best fit for him.  Andrew Luck’s father helped in the decision for him to stay in school.  All of these fathers stayed behind the scenes. Lavar helped create 3 very good basketball players and has made himself a celebrity in the process. It sickens me. It deteriorates the talent that Lonzo has. It is going to ruin his other sons’ experiences at UCLA.  All of the fans hate for Lavar will be directed at his children and I do not see how that is fair.

The only way to stop this from getting anymore out of control than it already is to stop bringing this guy on television. Yes I know he is entertaining, yes I know he is charismatic, yes he is the loudest person in the building, but it has gotten out of control.  I cannot even watch a television show where all I want to see is 2 grown men “beating the pulp” out of each other, and what do I have to see, Lavar Ball’s ugly mug without a shirt on walking around a ring.


Ok, Lavar Ball has had his moment, he has had his time in the sun, he has 3 sons that are fantastic at basketball, can he please just leave us all alone for a while.



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