NBA Draft 6-10 plus

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Round 1 Pick 6: Magic Dennis Smith (PG NC State)

The run on PG’s continues with Dennis Smith going to the Orlando Magic.  At this point in the draft the talent begins to take a slight dip but I could see Smith being a solid point guard for the future for the Magic.  Like Fultz, he did not have much team success in college but that should not take away from the great season this freshman had.

Round 1 Pick 7: Timberwolves Johnathon Issac (PF FSU)

Issac is long, strong, and a true presence as a 4 or 5 in the NBA.  He will make an instant impact at the defensive end and on the glass for the T-Wolves and will create a great duo with Karl-Anthony Towns in the middle.  This pick has been subject to a lot of rumors for a good trading spot so watch out for this pick being moved but the player to be the same.

Round 1 Pick 8: Knicks Frank Ntilikina (PG France)

The Knicks organization has fallen on hard times the past couple of years.  They have a couple of valuable pieces and now they are looking to trade their best asset in Porzingis.  I have no idea what they are thinking but they need a talented point guard to hold down the reigns for Carmelo and Porzingis.  I do not know much about Ntilikina nor do I know how to pronounce his name but there is a lot of buzz around the young man from France and hopefully he can come right over and be the spark the Knicks need.

Round 1 Pick 9: Mavricks Malik Monk (SG Kentucky)

Nobody panic when I make this pick for the Mavs.  I believe they will be picking for someone else in this spot.  But, if not, the Mavs need a lot of help all around the court and picking the best available player, who also happens to be the best pure shooter in the draft would not hurt them at all.  Monk could be the start of a new era in Dallas or he could be a star on another team who might trade up or down to get this young man.  He can fill it up from anywhere on the court and he has the killer instinct all GM’s like.

Round 1 Pick 10: Kings Lauri Markkanen (PF Arizona)

After the awful, disgraceful trade for Demarcus Cousins where the Kings received the equivalent to one rare card and a bunch of common cards in Pokemon, the Kings need a big guy to fill the paint with some production.  The 7 foot Markkanen seems like a nice fit here to pair with Fox for, hopefully, a stable building block for the next several years.  But this is the Kings and they will probably find a way to mess this up.

Honorable Mention:

Justin Jackson- Indiana Pacers at 18

With Paul George guaranteeing he is going to leave leave next year, the Pacers need to find someone to help fill the small forward role.  The former ACC Player of the Year can help ease the pain a little bit.  He is long and thin so he needs to put on some muscle before he gets big minutes in the pros but he has the nicest floater I have seen in a while and has a decent jump shot.  The defensive end is where he will struggle from the start.

Harry Giles- Portland Trailblazers at 20

The former number one high school player in the country according to most had a disappointing season to say the least at Duke.  He has torn both ACL’s already and that has turned a lot of teams away from bringing him on, but he showed some real promise in the ACC tournament and the NCAA tournament once he got healthy.  This is a swing for the fences moment for the Trail Blazers and we will see if it works out for them.

Frank Mason- Atlanta Hawks at 31

The Naismith Player of the Year might not hear his name get called in the first round but he will definitely come off the board early in the second.  A senior with a ton of leadership skills, heart, and determination will more help you find a home in the NBA. He is not afraid to shoot it from anywhere and his confidence does not waiver.  I could see him being a quality back up for the first couple of years in Atlanta behind Dennis Schroder.

Sindarius Thornwell- Brooklyn Nets at 57

Thronwell is an interesting case. He is undersized, not a great shooter, and does not have your prototypical NBA body. On the other hand, he plays tenacious defense, he is a great leader, and carried a South Carolina Gamecock team to the Final Four.  He will get an opportunity on a team whether he gets drafted or not but with his defense and work ethic, someone will give him a D-League at the very least.


As in all drafts, there will be ups, there will be downs, and there will be trades. Lots and lots of trades.  Everyone enjoy the NBA Draft tonight at 7ET/6CT.

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